Using a Behavior Chart

This behavior chart can be used to encourage your child to change and develop all kinds of behaviors. Here are some suggestions on how to use this tool:

Involve your child in decisions about the target behaviors and the rewards to be earned: this will help her take ownership of the process.

Sit down with your child and explain why you want to help her to learn how to change her behavior and let her know that using this chart is a fun way way to do so.  At the top of the page, write your child’s name and the behaviors you want to increase and decrease by using this chart.  For example:

Samantha will receive one sticker each time she immediately changes from one activity to another without arguing, complaining, or throwing a temper-tantrum.

Ask your child what activities or privileges she would like to earn for successfully making transitions. Seriously consider 5 to 10 appropriate minor rewards, such as, TV time, computer time, time at the park with mom, time helping dad wash and put away dishes, etc.  Consider one major reward, such as, “Eat and play at Chick-fil-a!”   Remember: you are the parent so you have the final say about what these rewards are!

Once you have identified and agreed to the rewards, write the name of one minor reward into each one of the reward circles, and write the name or description of a major reward in the final circle.

Each time your child successfully meets the criteria in the header of the document, place a small round sticker on the chart.

As she reaches minor rewards, consistently provide these as incentives to help her keep going. When she reaches the bottom, celebrate her accomplishment and provide the major reward!

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